Wednesday, April 20, 2011

She's long gone

That’s right, as of Thursday I’ll be long gone, gone to the island of Singapore to visit my sister. I’ll be away for 10 days and it’d be safe to assume that no posting will take place.The humidity in Singapore is pretty, as Khloe K would say cray cray, so I’m trying to steer away from bringing much polyester. Keeping it simple and sticking with monochrome, with a few exceptions, basics.

The title of this post is in reference to a Black Keys song that is a favourite of mine. If you’re a fan of the Blues-Rock genre, like myself, than this song might be for you. Check it out,

See ya!  

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Riders on the storm

I was listening to my sister’s copy of The Best of The Doors today and this was the outfit that translated. As a finishing touch, I'd definitely add a pair of aviator shades.

Favourite Door’s songs are Riders on the storm, Soul kitchen, Light my fire and The End. Should mosdef listen to, if you haven’t already.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Dusty pink


The only thing I would add to this ensemble is a pair of black socks to go with the boots. No accessories except one ring instead match with red wine coloured nails and lips, this colour is a favourite of mine but I’m recently feeling very inspired to use the combination, due thanks goes to Nicole Warne at

Have a great weekend!

Shimmy Sashay

If my last couple of outfits have been indicative of the weather than todays is no different. Colder and gloomier weather calls for an all black ensemble, I bought this Zara jacket about 4 years ago and it still remains to this day, my favourite jacket. The fluted black maxi has just the right amount of bottom flowy-ness to allow you to shimmy sashay your way through the day.

Feminine Friday


Just a quick post today, still capitalising on the awesome weather on offer with some colour & femininity. The silk halter neck is a beautiful coral and sits nicely on the body tastefully accentuating the bust, you can’t help but feel so pretty in it. The pants are purple with a subtle metallic shine, they are slim fitted, high waisted and taper down towards the ankle finishing just above, perfect.

I’d wear my hair all back in a high pony tail and when the sun sets add some red lippy, and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Hello 25!

To suggest wearing your denim cut off’s during autumn would be quite presumptuous of me, right? Well, not today. Because today it’s a glistening 25 degrees in Melbourne, the sun is shining bright so let’s make the most of it. But just to keep you covered I’d still wear a long sleeve shirt & blazer just in case the weather  takes a turn for the worse, you just never know with the city of 4 seasons in one day.

Denim on denim is yes, so last season. But I still like the combination, it’s fresh & chic. The grey Zara blazer has shoulder pads reminiscent of the 80’s but they’re not over the top and cut & shape is modern.  I bought the digital watch in my favourite city Barcelona for €7.

Furry Accents

One limitation that arises with using flat lays to show ensemble ideas is that the shape and detailing of certain items i.e. tailored trousers & delicate fabrics don’t completely translate through the photos. The pants are high waisted, wide leg with middle pleats and a bottom cuff and the witchery top is in the style of a baseball top with the body being silk and the sleeves mesh. Unfortunately the photos don’t do this outfit proper justice, but hopefully you get the general idea.

To accessorize I’ve added a fur collar and patent peep toe pumps with a hairy zebra pattern.  The watch is, you guessed it my mums…ladies & for that matter gents take note keep everything for your kids, you just never know.

Trash to Treasure

Now fur may not be for everyone, but for me it adds a touch of effortless glam and pizzazz to an outfit. Everything in this ensemble except the sheer slip dress is from my collection of thrifted items I’ve accumulated over time. Op shopping is one of my favourite past times, nothing beats the thrill of finding a gem in and amongst piles of junk. Even if you wear it just once, for an item you most likely paid less than $10 for you get your money back with that one wear. After that, if it’s taking up precious wardrobe space, re-donate it and let the saying ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’ work its magic.

Simple does it

In a period of penny saving, I allowed myself with much restraint one and only one winter buy from Asos, man that place gets me every time. And the purchase was this camel full length coat on sale for $120, score! And I love it!

I have always been an avid follower of the minimal aesthetic, I really believe less is more and I evidently developed this belief from my Mother, thanks Mum for loaning your gold chocker and bangle. The pinky ring is from Tiffany’s and I got this as a 21st birthday present from my Sammy Booboo, am I not the luckiest girl out?

Comfortable day colour


To be honest, I don’t think I’d be comfortable enough to wear this slinky sky blue mini out on a night on the town let alone during the day. But I’m really just fond of the ruching on the skirt, so to make it comfortably wearable I would add a knit jumper and pair with the fail-safe sock/wedge combination which will also minimise the amount of leg on show to my leggy comfortable.

A pleated hue

Hola! With this ensemble, I would tuck the t-shirt into the maxi and roll up the sleeves. Considering the skirt is of a sheer see-peek-a-boo-through fabric, it is absolutely 100% necessary to have the right undergarment on. I would suggest either a seamless black or nude high-waisted boy cut brief or skin tight bicycle shorts. The bag is my mum’s circa 1980s. All in all, this outfit would be perfect for an easy breezy public holiday like today.

Polished Sports


I’ve wanted to wear these cotton grey high waisted shorts for some time now, but I’ve been undecided about how to wear them so that they would be deemed as appropriate for a night out. In the end, I’ve opted for going with the old adage of if/when in doubt wear…two of your staple wardrobe items – a white shirt and tailored black blazer. I’ve accessorized with a couple of gold jewellery pieces and a carry all clutch. A hairstyle that I envision to polish off this look would be for the hair to be parted on the side, tucked behind the ears and pushed behind the shoulders. 

I was lucky enough to get this necklace from Portobello Market in London for five pounds! It very much reminds me of Cleopatra. The blazer is from Zara and you can’t really tell in the photo but the shoulders are fitted with shoulder pads, instantly up-ing the fierce anti of any outfit ;)

Knit me, its been awhile.

Tis the season of summer, yet our fair city of Melbourne is up to its old tricks; hot, cold, hot, rainy, hot, cold…and if we’re lucky enough all those variations in one. Well, we may as well use this to our advantage and play along with it, now would be the perfect time to integrate winter pieces in with your summer wardrobe. It’s my preference to wear a light weight knit with silk shorties or denim cut offs.

Lately, I’m really digging on wearing lingerie-esque items as outer wear. There’s something sexy, to me, about teaming a silk cami/slip with your everyday outfit.  
I got this knit from Topshop on Oxford St, London, now that place is an example of a flagship store, it is huuge. When you get a chance to visit be sure to have ample time and a charged mobile, spending hours shopping and losing your friends are inevitable. Other notable mentions; the boots are from H&M in Barcelona, the watch is my dads - found it on his bedside table! And the gold brass ring is my new favourite from Asos. 

And last but not least, it is my goal to update this blog much more regularly, you can expect sporadic posts but I definitely won’t be indulging in my past slackness i.e. one post every two months.